The South Carolina State Museum is deemed as the biggest museum in the southeastern part of the United States. The museum is located by the Congaree River, in Columbia, South Carolina. It has been in existence even before the Civil War began, and thus chronicles much of the lifestyle and history of the great state of South Carolina. The South Carolina State Museum first opened its doors in October 29, 1988. The museum considers one of its buildings, the Columbia Mills building, as its oldest artifact on display. The Columbia Mills building is older than the museum itself, and the first floorings are still in place. It opened in 1894, and later on became a factory of the General Electric Company. The South Carolina State Museum exhibits different types of arts, cultural histories, natural histories, and science and technology creations. The museum is home to the submarine H.L. Hunley, which is notoriously known as the first submarine to sink during combat. The museum's second floor houses a suspended replica of a Megalodon. The Best Friend of Charleston, the first American-made automobile, can also be found in the museum. 'Sammy,' which is considered as the official storytelling chair of the museum, was donated by Mike Miller of