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When it comes to tourism in the southern states, South Carolina certainly takes the cake for one of the best places to visit and explore. There is so much to see and to do in this beautiful state that you won’t know where to start, so we’re here to help you get a handle on some of the best highlights of the state of South Carolina.

The entire state is full of incredible history and plenty of things to do; it is one of the original 13 colonies, and has plenty of historical information and sites to visit from times long past when our ancestors were only just beginning to get a foothold in this new world. The culture of the state is diverse and fascinating as well, with settlers ranging from the Europeans to Caribbean influences, and also African history and culture left over from the days of slavery and beyond.

If you love the outdoors, then you will love the temperate climate of South Carolina, which allows you to enjoy nature and the great outdoors all year round. From hiking to golfing and from camping to kayaking, there is plenty to do outside in this beautiful state, and plenty of places in which to do them.

If you are a golfer, then South Carolina is certainly a destination that you should not discount. It may be a small state compared to many of the other states in the Union, however it boasts an impressive 380 beautiful golf courses in that area – far to many to even consider exploring in just one trip, or even in two. The state is considered the “Golf Capital of the South” by some, and offers courses that range from the mountains in the west all the way down to the Atlantic Ocean. The state of South Carolina even boasts two of the top 50 women friendly courses in America. Even the best courses of South Carolina are open to the public, so you can feel free to play where the pros go, enjoying world class courses across the state.

If you would rather soak in the sun from the comforts of a lounge chair, then the beaches are the destination for you, and South Carolina has plenty to offer you. For the entire family, check out Grand Strand and the Myrtle Beach area. This area is the place to be for vacationers and retirees, and stretches 60 miles along the South Carolina coastline. There are scores of hotels and resorts to choose from, and plenty of sunny, beachfront communities with plenty of shopping, restaurants, and other fun activities for people of all ages. Enjoy an entire vacation’s worth of swimming and sunning. Get out on the water and try your hand at sailing, sail boarding, surfing, or fishing among other activities, or get a little wet and explore the sea with snorkeling or even scuba. Think you can’t? Most scuba schools offer Discover Scuba courses, which are one day courses that teach you the basics, then take you out into the water and let you try out your new skills under the close watch of your instructors. Can’t decide between that and golf? Then don’t! This area is also home to 100 of the state’s beautiful golf courses.

The Grand Strand is not the only beach in South Carolina, either. Far from it in fact! If you love the sea, then check out one of the South Carolina island resorts, or head to Charleston for some serious vacationing and some opportunities for historical exploration as well. Hilton Head offers plenty of relaxation with Caribbean influences if that is your thing, and you can search for anything from pet friendly hotels to great attractions for kids no matter where you plan to go.

The beaches are not the only places to turn for fun on the water, so if you are interested in exploring your water loving side a little further inland, then check out some of the fantastic lakes of South Carolina. You can spend hours fishing in the lakes of this incredible state, soaking in the relaxation of being out in nature. The lakes range from man made to natural, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, from boating and waterskiing to jet skis and houseboating. Head out for a hike around the lake, or have a picnic on the shore and enjoy the peace, quiet, and beauty of your surroundings.

Waterfalls are also a big part of the attraction of South Carolina, and if you head a little further west into the mountains, you will find that there are plenty. Pay a visit to the Blue Ridge Mountain Upcountry, and you will find falls that range from gentle cascades to thundering falls and heart stopping 400 foot drops. Check out as many as you can, whether from the roadside or from the hiking trails, and let your photographic side go wild. Don’t forget that many of those same rivers that fuel the falls are also perfect for whitewater rafting, which is offered all over the South Carolina Upcountry.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, then get back to civilization and enjoy yourself at the many museums, historical sites, and yes, even theme parks that South Carolina has to offer. You will be swept away by places like Wild Water – Water & Race Theme Park in Surfside Beach or Carrowinds Theme and Water Park in Fort Mill. With rides, shows, and waterslides for the family to enjoy, you can spend an entire vacation of breathless adventure at the parks.

South Carolina has a little of something for everyone, with great shopping all over the state, plenty of resort locations to choose from all the way from the beaches to the mountains, and your choice of natural beauty or man made excitement (or even both!) South Carolina is the state to visit in the southeast for family fun, a great singles vacation, fun with friends, and more. There is no other place quite like it.
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