Historic Charleston is located in the state of South Carolina. The city was previously called 'Charles Towne', after King Charles II of England. Aside from being historic, Charleston is also known as 'The Holy City' because of the many churches that are located within the area. Charleston's proximity to the sea made it open to numerous trades and vulnerable to civil war attempts. The Colonial Dorchester and Fort Moultrie sites serve as testament to the city's role during the American Revolution. As a port town, Charleston became a dock for ships with African slaves. Slave owners sold their slaves for labor at Charleston. That is why some of its famous attractions include plantations where slaves grew crops, such as the Magnolia Plantation and gardens, and Boone Hall plantation. Charleston also served as a dock for many naval ships. As such, Charleston is also home to numerous naval maritime attractions, such as the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum. The USS Clamagore and USS York Town ships have retired at the shores of historic Charleston. Being a port town, Charleston was subject to pirate attack and conquests every so often. Famous pirates such as Blackbeard and Ann Bonny set foot on Charleston. Their quest for loot is documented in the Charleston Pirate tours offered by Eric Lavender.