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Top 7 Attractions in Charleston

Popular Charleston sights and tourist spots

  • Historic Charleston is located in the state of South Carolina. The city was previously called "Charles Towne", after King Charles II of England. Aside from being historic, Charleston is also known as "The Holy City" because of the many churches that are located within the area.

    Charleston's proximity to the sea made it open to numerous trades and vulnerable to civil war attempts ...

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  • In the 18th and 19th century, the city of Charleston thrived on the merchandise, which was grown in its many plantations. Charleston's main produce were rice and indigo, which the city managed to export, many thanks to its seaside location.

    When slavery was abolished in 1865, many plantations were abandoned and burned. Thankfully, five Charleston plantations are still left intact, which serve as areas of historic and educational importance to many tourists ...

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  • Drayton Hall, which was built in the year 1738, is considered as a National Historic Landmark. It served as a big rice plantation during its' heyday, until it was bought in 1974. Up to now, Drayton Hall continues to be the oldest unrestored plantation hall in America still open for tours.

    Drayton Hall became the staging grounds of the British during the American Revolution, and was shaken by the 1886 earthquake, yet it remains to be one of the few architectural landmines that remain intact and close to its original condition ...

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  • Fort Sumter is a coastal fort located along the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina. Fort Sumter was named after Thomas Sumter, a general and Revolutionary war patriot. The fort was one of the many coast forts built in the southern part of the United States. The construction of Fort Sumter started in 1827, and remained unfinished until 1861, when the Civil war started.

    The Confederates who occupied Fort Sumter built a sand bar, which continues to dawn the entrance to the harbor of Charleston ...

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  • The Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum is home to three museum ships, namely the USS Clamagore, a naval submarine; USS Yorktown, a naval aircraft carrier; and USS Laffey, a naval destroyer which was closed in August 2009 and recently reopened to the public December 2011.

    The Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum can be found at Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. It sits on Charleston River's famed Cooper River. It also served as exhibit grounds of the USCGC Comanche and USCGC Ingham, both Coast Guard Cutters. The NS Savannah, the only nuclear merchant vessel of the
    American naval fleet, called Patriots Point its home until 1994 ...

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  • Folly Beach, tagged as the "Edge of America", is a city situated on Folly Island, one of the districts of Charleston County, South Carolina.

    This beach town is famous for its surfing attractions, such as the Folly Beach County Park, 10th Street, and Washout. The waters of Folly Beach are usually calm, yet it has drawn the attention of many surfers. Now, it's one of the most popular surfing locations at the East Coast. The city is truly a haven for surfers ...

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  • Located along the Harbor of Charleston County, South Carolina is Sullivan's Island. Also called as S.I., the island served a major role in the American Revolution, when it became the main battle grounds of the attack that took place on June 28, 1776. The date is now known as Carolina Day, is honor of the Battle of Sullivan Island.

    The island was named after Captain Florence O'Sullivan, who served as the island's lighthouse keeper during the 17th century ...

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