The Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum is home to three museum ships, namely the USS Clamagore, a naval submarine; USS Yorktown, a naval aircraft carrier; and USS Laffey, a naval destroyer which was closed in August 2009 and recently reopened to the public December 2011. The Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum can be found at Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. It sits on Charleston River's famed Cooper River. It also served as exhibit grounds of the USCGC Comanche and USCGC Ingham, both Coast Guard Cutters. The NS Savannah, the only nuclear merchant vessel of the
American naval fleet, called Patriots Point its home until 1994. Upon entering the USS Yorktown, the visitors will be treated to another series of exhibits, which include the Medal of Honor Museum, and 25 more naval airplanes, such as the F-9 Cougar, A-& Corsair, A-4 Skyhawk, and F-14 Tomcat, to name a few. Other artifacts, which can be seen in the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum, include a naval support camp, cannon from the Civil War era, and artifacts from the Vietnam War era, such as the PBR-105 river patrol boat, the USMC Bell AH-1 Sea Cobra helicopter, and the US Navy Bell UH-1 Helicopter.