Myrtle Beach is famous for its miles and miles of white sandy beaches. Myrtle Beach, which is the largest area in Grand Strand, serves as home to about 250,000 people. There are many beautiful beaches in this city next to the Atlantic Ocean, that's why the Travel Channel considers Myrtle Beach as one of the best beaches in the east coast. North Myrtle Beach is famous for its long shoreline and white sand beaches. Aside from that, its piers and beachside attractions make it one of the greatest features of Myrtle Beach. The area is also renowned for its annual festivities, such as the Inter-coastal Christmas Regatta and SOS Spring Safari. Atlantic Beach, also known as 'The Black Pearl,' became a beach destination for African Americans during the segregation. Now, this bustling Oceanside town is filled with restaurants, resorts, and attractions, which continue to attract visitors from all over the country. Surfside Beach is another famous Oceanside strip located in Myrtle Beach. Visitors can enter through any of the 36 entry points of the beach. A lot of people visit surfside beach because it's very pet-friendly. Aside from the beautiful beach, Surfside is also home to the Wild Water and Wheels Park, a vast amusement park.