The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art was founded in 1916 and is clearly the oldest art museum in Tennessee, and the original building is a national landmark in America. This is a great place to spend a day and visit the galleries, and participate in the various activities that are available each month. Both traveling exhibits and permanent collections are found in this exceptional museum. There are several activities that visitors to the Museum of Art can see and participate in, such as: 1. Visit the permanent collection housed in the museum that includes Italian Renaissance, Baroque, French Impressionist, British artists and a variety of 20th century artists, including the Kress Collection. 2. Stroll through the 19th and 20th century collections of sculpture and arts that include furniture, textiles, and other artifacts from these eras. 3. Also available is an excellent collection of Ancient Greek and Mediterranean Art, as well as early American and African Art. 4. There are various activities held in the museum that includes lectures, classes on art appreciation, musical performances, cocktail parties, and much more. 5. Traveling exhibitions change on routine basis, and have included such popular exhibits as Venice in the Age of Canaletto, A Series of Woodcuts by Josef Wiez, Salvador Dali, and Ted Faiers, and many more on a rotating basis. 6. A variety of school programs are available in an on-going basis. The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art is a great place to visit and has art, sculptures, and activities to interest people of any age.