Mount Mansfield, the highest mountain in Vermont, US, gives the impression of an elongated human profile which is conspicuously featured with regards to forehead, nose, lips, chin, and Adam's apple; the chin being the highest point when viewed from the east. Mount Mansfield covers an approximate area of 200 acres (81 ha). It is situated at the highest point in the town of Underhill, the highest peak being at 4,395 ft. above the sea level. The place is named after the town of Mansfield, Vermont, where the mountain was located. Mount Mansfield is popular for its commercial and frivolous purposes. 'The Nose' of the human profile is used as transmitting tower for regional radio and TV stations. Also, the place is famous for adventurous activities like skiing and hiking. Most of the tourists, to add adventure to their trips, take the toll road from Stowe Base Lodge to 'The Nose' and go hiking all the way towards 'The Chin'. The mountain constitutes numerous cross country ski trails at its lower slopes. Also, there is a famous group of trails that is popularly known as the 'Front Four' – Goat, Starr, National, and Liftline. All of these trails feature steep pitches and natural hazards, like trees and rocks, add on to the adventure part. The place also features numerous hiking trails that vitiate moderate (M) to very difficult (DDD). Mount Mansfield is the best place where you can find an adventurous vacation waiting for you if you have a passion for skiing and hiking.