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Top 15 Attractions in Vermont

Popular Vermont landmarks and tourist spots

  • For the tourists who love the water and want to spend time on one of the most beautiful lakes in New England, Lake Champlain borders New York and Vermont, is located in the magnificent Champlain Valley, and is one of the best recreational areas in Adirondack Park. Plattsburgh, New York, borders the lake to the western side, and Burlington, Vermont, is a lovely town on the eastern side of the lake, both offering great shopping and dining opportunities. This lake is ved by a number of rivers in both Vermont and New York as well as from the La Chute River which flows out of Lake George ...

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  • 2 Jay Peak

    7 /10
    Jay peak is a mountain situated 8 km towards the south of US – Canada border, in Jay and Westfield, Orleans County, Vermont. Jay Peak is named after the town of Jay. The place is known for ski activities that attract tourism. It was Walter Foeger, an Austrian racer, who had trained the Spanish Ski team. He named his technique as "Natur Teknik" (natural technique), that emphasized on parallel skiing ...

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  • Mount Mansfield, the highest mountain in Vermont, US, gives the impression of an elongated human profile which is conspicuously featured with regards to forehead, nose, lips, chin, and Adam's apple; the chin being the highest point when viewed from the east. Mount Mansfield covers an approximate area of 200 acres (81 ha). It is situated at the highest point in the town of Underhill, the highest peak being at 4,395 ft. above the sea level.

    The place is named after the town of Mansfield, Vermont, where the mountain was located ...

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  • The Trapp Family Lodge is a three-and-a-half star resort situated in Vermont, covering an area of 2,400 acre. The lodge is owned and controlled by Sam von Trapp and his father Johannes von Trapp. The lodge initially came into existence in 1950 which constituted twenty seven rooms. This lodge was ruined in a fire accident on December 20, 1980. This lodge was re-opened in 1983 with a consistency of 93 rooms ...

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  • The American Precision Museum is the house of storing machine tools which are historically significant for the nation. The museum is situated in Windsor, Vermont and was founded in 1966 by Edwin Albert Battison. Previously, the Robins and Lawrence used to live in the building of the museum. The museum contains historical machines, especially from the American civil war ...

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  • Church Street Marketplace – a hub of activity, a storehouse of historical architecture, festivals all year-round, dining places, a shopper's stop and much more. The Church Street Marketplace is a shopping mall with around 86 storefronts situated in Burlington, Vermont. The mall is run by the Marketplace Commission.

    The marketplace occupies a total area of 289,156 square feet. The mall is situated at the heart of the city and you can experience festivity throughout the year ...

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  • Some of the most spectacular places to visit with the fall colors is in Vermont, and Smugglers' Notch is one of these remarkably beautiful places, although not just in the fall – it's beautiful year around. Nestled in Sterling Mountain, this area is a slender gash in the mountains that, according to legend was frequently used by smugglers. In addition to Sterling Mountain, Madonna and Morse Mountains also help to form this gap. It's most famous though for it's wonderful skiing and it was actually formed as an area in 1956 with an elevation of 1030 feet has 78 ski runs, eight lifts, and averages 288 inches of snowfall each year, delighting skiers ...

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