Church Street Marketplace – a hub of activity, a storehouse of historical architecture, festivals all year-round, dining places, a shopper's stop and much more. The Church Street Marketplace is a shopping mall with around 86 storefronts situated in Burlington, Vermont. The mall is run by the Marketplace Commission. The marketplace occupies a total area of 289,156 square feet. The mall is situated at the heart of the city and you can experience festivity throughout the year. Also, a forum for visual arts is provided through events like the South End Art Shop, and public galleries like The Firehouse Gallery and Pine Street Art Works. Something that can be seen throughout the summers at the marketplace is street entertainers and outdoor vendors. The mall constitutes shops, restaurants, bars and clubs, outdoor cafes. It is the best place to experience 'people watch' around the year. The best time to visit the mall is the Christmas time when all the street trees are lit and also, a giant lit tree is standing at the head of Church Street. This four-block shopping mall is the highlight of the Burlington town. You will not end up leaving the market hungry or un-entertained or without a new dress for your wardrobe. There is a whole array of shopping stores and restaurants like the Macy's, Hollister Co., Abercrombie & Fitch and many more. Also, there is a facility of easy parking which makes the shopping venture all the more easier.