Burlington is the largest city in the state of Vermont. It is located on the Western end of Greater Toronto area and covers a total area of 187 sq km. It is one drive from the USA border. The city has a lot of cultural landmarks and houses the largest library in the state, which has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Centre have an interesting collection of numerous species of reptiles, fish and amphibians. If you are to tour Burlington, one of the major tourist destinations is the Champlain Lake. The lake has a good number of summer and winter resorts that host a large number of visitors to this part of the State of Vermont each year. Lake Champlain is primarily accountable for the climate around Burlington. The climate over here is generally continental with warm summers and dry and cold winters. On very cold days, minimum daily temperatures can be as low as – 34.4 °C. In Burlington you will also be able to enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery that is mainly composed of ancient rocks, and thick forests. The forests are mainly composed of pines, birches and sugar maple trees. If you are a geologist you will definitely appreciate the rich marble, granite and slate rocks that are quarried in the city of Burlington. The mountains also provide some priceless entertainment with the countless number of fish rich lakes and streams which meander around the mountains. You will also be able to ski on some of the mountains during the winter season.