The American Precision Museum is the house of storing machine tools which are historically significant for the nation. The museum is situated in Windsor, Vermont and was founded in 1966 by Edwin Albert Battison. Previously, the Robins and Lawrence used to live in the building of the museum. The museum contains historical machines, especially from the American civil war. Also, the museum contains several timeless guns and rifles. The machinery on display includes gadgets that were used to produce metal parts and gear for other machines. The building is a unique example of mid 19th century industrial architecture of New England. It is a three and a half storey building with dimensions – 140ft in length and 45 ft in width. The building is made of handmade brick. The roof of the building is topped with an open hexagonal wooden cupola. It is a structurally sound and a good condition building. With the course of time, some changes have been made to the building, but the originality is still maintained especially in the main block. Robbins and Lawrence became internationally popular in 1851 through their first opportunity to be a part of the Crystal Palace Exhibition in London in the same year. The visitors in the exhibition were impressed by firearms as this featured interchangeability of parts, which was possible with the help of machines developed by Robbins and Lawrence. This success led them into a contract with the British Government in 1854.