Windsor is a town located in the Windsor County in the state of Vermont. The town is small with a population of close to 4000 and covers an area of 19.8 square miles. Founded in 1761, the town is dubbed the birthplace of Vermont because it was in Windsor that the constitution of the state was crafted in a tavern preserved as the Old Constitution House. Windsor is accessible by rail via Amtrak and also served by the nearby Lebanon Airport. It is home to a number of industries among which are brown glass and hand thrown pottery and a microbrewery. Interesting sites to visit in Windsor include the Cornish Colony Museum, Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site, Mt. Ascutney State Park and the American Precision Museum. The Cornish Colony Museum features the works of artists, composers, performers and architects in the Connecticut River Valley who lived from 1885 to 1925. Saint-Gaudens national Historic site features the works of a famous sculptor known as Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The site is located on the beautiful home of the sculptor. The Mt. Ascutney State Park offers facilities for camping, picnicking and weddings. This park is also suitable for hiking with trails and points for observing scenic views around the Windsor area. The American Precision Museum showcases the mechanical arts and the history of machine inventions. This is a good educational place for children to learn how machines evolved and changed people’s lives over time.