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There are many different reasons to visit West Virginia. West Virginia is a state that is located in the Appalachia region of the United States. West Virginia used to be a part of Virginia, but broke away from it during the United States Civil war. On June 20th, 1863, West Virginia became part of the Union as a separate state. This day is now celebrated in West Virginia as “West Virginia Day”. When it comes to the civil war, West Virginia was the only state that was directly formed by the war itself. It is also the only state that has been formed by another state breaking into parts.

In the line between the north and south, West Virginia is one of the boarder states. According to the census bureau, West Virginia is a southern state because it lays below the Mason-Dixon Line. However, its panhandle extends up into Pennsylvania and Ohio, which puts it on the same parallel to Staten Island in New York. The citizens of West Virginia don’t claim to be parts of either the Mid Atlantic or the South – they instead claim to be part of Appalachia. The state has many different pieces and many of its citizens feel differently depending on where they live. For instance, in the states Northern Panhandle and north regions, citizens have an affinity for Pennsylvania, mainly Pittsburgh. However, those in the east mostly connect themselves with Washington DC and its suburbs – while those that live in the south of West Virginia are apt to consider themselves part of the South. There are also many different farming towns and small towns that represent the Midwest much more than the east. This means that the state of West Virginia is truly one of the most diverse and interesting states in the United States, because it is full of people who align themselves with different regions.
There is much to see and do in West Virginia, because the state is noted for many different things. First of all, the state is very beautiful, and is known all across the United States as being one of the most beautiful places to visit. There is great numbers of natural beauty to be found. There is also a lot of history that can be found in West Virginia, due to its industries of logging and coal mining. These important industries paved the way for much of the culture that exists in West Virginia today – and created many of the small towns that grew into booming cities, townships, and overall great places to visit. Another historical aspect of West Virginia is its labor history, which is a great place for people to start who are attempting to study labor and what labor means in the United States, as well as the history of the labor industry, and of the unions that spread up because of it. This aspect of history is something that many people from West Virginia will be glad to tell you about, and that many people enjoy learning about as well.

Not only does this state have a lot to offer for those that want to see natural beauty and explore rich history, but it is also a great tourist destination for many people who are interested in different outdoor activities. There are many things that one can do outdoors in West Virginia, it is simply a matter of finding the activity that suits you, and then finding the best place to do it. No matter what kinds of outdoor activities you are interested in, chances are good that you’ll be able to do them once you have arrived in West Virginia.

Along with its many popular outdoor trails to walk on, and bicycle trails to ride on, there are simply too many outdoor activities to do in West Virginia to list. Because of the trails and outdoor areas, there are plenty of places to do all sorts of skiing in West Virginia. There are ski mountains that will take your breath away as you downhill ski, and there are also several main trails where you can spend a day cross country skiing as well.

Not only that, but West Virginia has whitewater rafting to satisfy the most adventurous soul. You can spend a day or even a week traveling the rapids in your boat and enjoy the beauty of untamed nature all around you while you do so. Along the banks, you’ll be able to camp, ready for tomorrow’s great adventure. There are many different companies that will take you on a whitewater rafting trip in West Virginia, it is simply a matter of finding one that suits your needs.

Also, West Virginia is well known for rock climbing. You can find many different trails and paths in the woods that will lead you to several large formations and several places to partake in rock climbing. This is one of the most famous sports that West Virginia can offer you, because there is simply so much open space and room to do it.

If you want to hike or fish or hunt, West Virginia is also the place for you. With miles and miles of wilderness that is not controlled by anyone and that is not touched by civilization, you can hike for miles and not see anyone. With the right paperwork filed, you’ll find that hunting and fishing in these areas is some of the most interesting outdoor work that you’ll be able to do anywhere in the United States.

If you aren’t in to the outdoor activities, rest assured that West Virginia still has plenty that it can offer you. The city of Charleston, which is the capital and largest city, is full of adventure as well, and a lot of it takes place inside. You can visit museums, see music performed live, and learn about many different aspects of history. If you are interested in history, West Virginia is one of the best places for you to go because of all of the dealings that the state had during the formation of the United States, as well as during the civil war. You can spend your time visiting museums and learning much more United States history than you ever thought you’d know.
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