Harpers Ferry National Historic Park is best known in history for being the venue of John Brown's attack on slavery where the largest number of Federal troops surrendered during the American Civil War.
Harpers Ferry town is situated in Jefferson County, West Virginia, on the U.S. Route 340, barely 90 minutes from Washington, DC. It is the meeting ground of three states— Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. It spans an area of over 2,300 acres and visitors here can enjoy several hiking trails and explore the scenic and historic town of Harpers Ferry for museums, guided tours, restaurants and souvenir shops.
Visitors to the park can enjoy the picturesque landscapes here, beginning with the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers that run around the town. Seventy percent of parkland comprises eastern deciduous forests with shale silt soil. You will find limestone, quartzite and phyllite rocks here, particularly at the Stone Steps. At the park, you can see a variety of species of animal life—36 mammal types, 43 fish, 30 spider, 18 reptile, 14 amphibian, 174 bird and 276 insect species. Popular here are the bald eagle and the southern flying squirrel. The flora here comprises floodplain, upland and lowland vegetation types. All kinds of ferns, sedges, rushes and grass are visible here. Amongst trees, the Tulip Poplar, Chestnut Oak and red maple are prominent here, as are the Red Maple and Hackberry. Shrubs common here are the Spicebush, Mountain Laurel, and wildflowers like Virginia bluebells and Wild Columbine are a treat for sore eyes.