Lord Howe Island

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Just a short flight from Australia’s East Coast, Lord Howe Island is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed destination of outstanding natural beauty. This crescent-shaped volcanic remnant forms part of a larger archipelago of islands and islets in the Tasman Sea, surrounded by coral reefs teeming with life. Lord Howe Island maintains a strict quota of only 400 visitors at any one time, giving it an exclusive feel and ensuring its breathtaking landscapes are preserved for years to come.

The towering peak of Mount Gower dominates Lord Howe Island, with magnificent views on offer from its 875-meter summit that is reached along an eight-hour trek. Native forests of pandanus and kentia palms sprawl below, with dramatic cliffs meeting idyllic white sandy beaches along the coast.

Visit Ned’s Beach in the north of the island to go snorkeling in the calm waters and discover the underwater world of the Lord Howe Island Marine Park. Venture deeper at the breathtaking scuba diving sites around Tenth of June Island, which is famed for its gorgonian sea fans and coral-covered walls, or explore the volcanic drop-offs and caves at Ball’s Pyramid.

Lord Howe Island is an impressive birding destination, with more than 130 permanent and migratory species found here. Join a guided tour to spot colonies of masked boobies and keep an eye out for red-tailed tropicbirds and flesh-footed shearwaters. Go hiking through the Valley of Shadows to experience the island’s unique flora or cycle through the peaceful streets to soak up the tranquil ambiance of this little slice of paradise. 

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