Located at Knuckey Lagoon, around 15 minutes’ drive from Darwin’s city center, Crocodylus Park was set up by renowned crocodile biologist Professor Grahame Webb. There are both saltwater and freshwater crocodiles of all ages on display, from 30 centimeter-long hatchlings to giant 5-meter specimens, as well as a number of American alligators.

It’s not only a great place to see crocodiles up close or even hold a baby crocodile but also learn about their behavior and biology. You can see daily crocodile feedings to witness their power and stealth, as well as witness a range of big cats (tigers, ocelots and white lions), monkeys, birds, turtles and snakes that also call the park home.

Crocodylus Park is owned and operated by Wildlife Management International to promote the sustainable tourism use of animals, as well as to conduct vital research into crocodiles and other species. It is also designed as an educational tool to give the public a better understanding of what is an often feared creature. There is an on-site crocodile museum where you can learn all about how they evolved and co-exist with other animals, as well as pens with matched males and females to give you a better understanding of their sizes.

Crocodylus Park also operates a boat tour that cruises along a man-made lagoon and is a great way to get up close to the crocodiles outside of their enclosures. You’ll also get to glimpse the bird species that inhabit the park and learn about some of the Northern Territory’s native tree and plant species from your guide.