Located at East Point, the Defence of Darwin Experience provides an immersive look at the role the city played in World War II. Visual and multimedia displays offer first-hand accounts of the Bombing of Darwin, together with artifacts and objects that reflect the city’s tumultuous past.

The Defence of Darwin Experience is divided into numerous chronological sections, beginning with a look at Darwin as a “frontier town”. It then explains the build-up to war in the Northern Territory and the events that occurred following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The museum then launches into the “Bombing of Darwin” itself and the counter offensive that took place.

The “Bombing of Darwin” experience includes an 11-minute animation that depicts the Japanese bombing of the city on the 19th February 1942. High-quality sound adds to the atmosphere, offering a taste of what it must have been like for Darwin’s residents. But the museum also aims to fairly represent both the Australian and Japanese points of view as seen through the eyes of the men and women that were involved. While Darwin bore the brunt of the fighting, the museum also touches on some of the other areas in northern Australia that were attacked.

Machinery, medals and uniforms from World War II are also on display, while the stories from individual characters give a really human perspective throughout the exhibition spaces. Visitors are also encouraged to share their own experiences that relate to the events of World War II or their visit to the Defence of Darwin Experience in the StoryShare space at the end of the exhibition.