Renowned for its riesling, the Clare Valley is a picturesque wine-growing region around two hours’ drive north of Adelaide. It’s set within stunning pastoral landscapes that were settled by Polish, English and Irish immigrants during the 19th century, with their legacy still visible in the charismatic heritage towns and bluestone buildings.

Follow the Clare Valley Riesling Trail that winds between Auburn and the main town of Clare, stopping in at the cellar doors and artisan food producers. Don’t miss a visit to Annie’s Lane and the Jesuit winery at Sevenhill Cellars, which was established in 1851. Tour its underground cellar and Wine Museum and admire the architecture of historic St. Aloysius’ Church.

While the Clare Valley is predominantly known for its riesling, red wine drinkers will find no shortage of inspiration in the Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz being produced here. Local craft breweries are also making their mark, as is the award-winning cider company Burra Scrumpy Cumpany.

Spend an afternoon exploring the beautiful Red Banks Conservation Park that features dramatic red cliffs and spring-fed watering holes. Follow the Landscapes of Change interpretive walking trail to discover what this environment once looked like when megafauna roamed Australia. Head to the Spring Gully Conservation Park and go hiking to the picturesque Cascades Waterfall or soak up the expansive views of the patchwork farmlands along the Wymans Hike.

Don’t miss a visit to historic Burra that flourished with copper mining in the mid-19th century. Admire the heritage stone buildings and museums along the Heritage Passport Trail, including the neoclassical mansion of Martindale Hall.