Flinders Ranges

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Boasting some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Outback South Australia, the Flinders Range combines rugged gorges and weathered peaks with stunning spring wildflower displays and a rich Aboriginal history. They are named after the explorer Matthew Flinders and located around five hours’ drive from Adelaide, running north to south in the eastern part of South Australia.

Explore the magnificent Wilpena Pound, a crater-like landscape that comprises the eroded stumps of what were once huge, Himalayan-like mountains. Drive through the dramatic gorges or take a scenic flight above, with Aboriginal cultural walks and treks taking you up and over the rim.

Journey along one of Australia’s best-loved steam trains on the Pichi Richi Railway, which runs along the last remaining section of the narrow-gauge Ghan line. Beautifully restored steam and diesel locomotives pull timber carriages through deep rock cuttings and stone wall embankments between Quorn and Port Augusta. Of particular note is the old steam train known as the “Coffee Pot” that is be-lieved to be the last of its kind operating anywhere in the world.

At the far northern end of the Flinders Ranges is the privately-owned wilderness sanctuary of Arkaroola. It’s home to spectacular granite peaks and dramatic gorges, as well as being one of the best places in the region to spot rare yellow-footed rock wallabies. Join the ridge-top tour that follows the spine of the ranges and offers superb views, then camp out under the stars to experience the never-ending night sky. 

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