In a barrio or neighborhood of Argentina's capital city, Buenos Aires, La Boca is very European since its early settlers were from Genoa, Italy. It is one of Buenos Aires's 48 barrios and is located in the southeast part of the city, near its old port. Most people residing here are chiefly Spanish, Italian, French, German, Basque, and Arab.Walk down the road and discover the city's pedestrian arts and crafts. Or take a river cruise; or watch Tango dancers on cobbled streets. You can also take a rowboat to Avellaneda. Here are a few things that you can't miss…Clara Chevalier Museum: Ms. Chevalier herself takes you around this museum, giving you a tour in Spanish. Her museum comprises her paintings, housed in her bedroom recreated and an old conventillo which housed six families. From this museum, you get a sense of life many decades ago, though much of the museum showcases her art and youth.The Port: Here, you find very brightly colored houses in a cluster set by the port. It gives you an idea of the unglamorous side of expensive and chic Buenos Aires. La Bombonera: This is the most famous football club in Argentina, where 60,000 people can be accommodated. It is home to the Boca Juniors and is the club of its most famous protégés, Diego Maradona. The crowd attending matches here is passionate, loud and aggressive.