Beagle canal

Beagle canal

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One of the great destinations in Argentina is the Beagle Canal, the climate is relatively consistent year around, and it has some great activities for travels, as well as amazing landscapes for photographers. The best vacation along this area is taking a cruise from Ushuaia through the canal, bays, and islets, plus there are plenty of great animals, birds, and places to see.

Some of the sights and activities around the Beagle Canal include the following:

• One of the best activities to see the Beagle Canal up close is via a cruise. It also allows passengers to see many of the birds along the Isla de los Pajaros, and the Isla de los Lobos.

• Seafaring travelers will have a great time sailing on the catamarans or sailboats that can be rented for experienced sailors, or three hour tours are also available for those less experienced sailors who also enjoy being on the water. Be sure to watch for sea lions

• Hikers will thoroughly enjoy a long hike around one of the islands.

• Photographers will have an incredible variety of sea mammals that thrive in this area and can get some great shots of the Lighthouse.

• Birdwatchers will be thrilled to spot the various species that hang out all along the canal, particularly the penguins and cormorants, and they will enjoy visiting the bird sanctuary.

Travelers will find that a cruise along the Beagle Canal will have a great time watching the flora and fauna as they cruise this spectacular area.
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