Near El Chaltén village is Monte Fitz Roy, located near the south Patagonian Ice Field, Patagonia, Argentina. It is known variously as Cerro Chaltén, Cerro Fitz Roy and Mount Fitz Roy. Though just half the sizes of the Himalayas, trekkers here find it extremely difficult to climb the granite faces of these mountains. It lies in the northern part of the magnificent Parque Nacional Los Glaciers, part of the largest icecap outside of the polar region, called Hielo Sur. Monte Fitz Roy is a trail that begins in the plains and rises gradually till it meets the Andes. It is located in the Los Glacieres National Park and takes about a week's trek to complete.The highest mountain in the Los Glacieres National Park, Mount Fitz Roy, is about 3,405 m in height, while its closest competitor, Cerro Torre, is just 3,128 m in height. These mountains are best climbed between November and February.To get the best out of Monte Fitz Roy, you will have to go trekking into the mountains. Here, you can see snow-capped mountains and animal life, including rhea, condor and guanaco. Since this is an entirely mountainous area, all you can do is hike, trek or walk around.If you're coming here solely to trek or hike around Mount Fitzroy, fly into Buenos Aires, and from there, fly to El Calafate. From here, take a bus to El Chalten.