The Perito Moreno Glacier is located in the Los Glaciares National Park, south-west Santa Cruz province, Argentina. It is one of the most important attractions of the Argentine Patagonia. It has an area of 250 sq km, is 30 km long and is one of the 48 glaciers the Southern Patagonian Ice Field feeds from the Andes Mountains. This ice field is the world's No. 3 largest fresh water reserve. Due to the accessibility and size of the Perito Moreno glacier, it is a really big tourist attraction in south Patagonia. It is the epitome of natural beauty and the magnificence of Argentina. It's a necessary stop for any tourist in this area due to the glacier's unique size, breathtaking sights, significance and easy accessibility. Here, you can see its breathtaking sights and a glacier wall with several ice towers measuring 4km in length and 60m in height with several sounds of icebergs in the lake. You can also check out the other ice fields in this part of the national park, such as the Upsala Glacier (595 sq km), Onell and Spegazzini glaciers near the forests or Cerro Fitz Roy (3400 m) which lies north of the park. You can go climbing, boating, glacier trekking, glacier-viewing cruising and horseback riding. You can take the National Route 40 from Esquel to the south, you can reach this glacier. Or you can take a flight into El Calafate International Airport, just 18 km. from this city.