In Argentina's Patagonia province of Chubut lies the city of Puerto Madryn, the chief town of the Biedma Department. It was established on July 28, 1865 when 150 Welshmen came here and berthed at the port of Porth Madryn to honor Sir Love Jones-Parry, who had an estate in Wales called “Madryn.” When the railways grew here, this settlement also grew and included Spanish and Italian immigrants.

Some of the tourist attractions here include:

• The Boulevard which has the remains of the Transporte Villarino ship that sank in 1880.
• Along the beach here, you can indulge in any of the water sports offered, or go further on to climb the cliff and from there look out to the monument of the Tehuelche aborigine, from where you can get a perfect view of the whole city.
• Punta Cuevas, near here, is the place that the original Welshmen disembarked.
• The spectacular Valdes Peninsula where you can go boating and enjoy watching whales, vast bird life, sea lions, sea elephants and sea plants.
• About 180 km south of Madryn is the Punta Tombo Natural Protected Area, where you can see the most impressive continental colony of Magellanic penguins, named after Ferdinand Magellan spotted them while on his expedition.
• Trelew city, known for its Paleontological Museum.

Lastly, visit the Welsh town of Gaiman, which is a replica of a typical Welsh town. Nearby to Gamain is the administrative city of Rawson which also has a beach resort called Playa Union, known for dolphin.