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Chile Country Guide


Chile is in the southern part of South America. Dominated by the rugged Andes Mountains, Chile has hot and humid land of the Grano Chaco. Nearly half of the mighty snow capped peaks of Andes Mountains lie along Chile’s eastern border with Argentina. This also includes the extinct volcano Mount Aconcagua, which at 6,960 m is the highest peak in South America. The hot Atacama Desert is one of the world’s driest places. It covers the northern 965 km of Chile’s long coastal strip and receives 13 mm of rain annually. Chile is a long and extremely narrow country and measures only about 430 km in width. Chile’s long and narrow shape is responsible for its extremely varied climate. Desert and mountains in the north give way to fertile valleys with hot, dry summers and mild, moist winters.

Most Chileans live in cities and towns in the Central Valley, between the low coastal mountains to the west and towering Andes to the east. The cold, stormy southern coast is flanked by thousands of islands, whose waters provide rich fishing grounds.

Located in the heart of Chile, the capital Santiago is a bustling modern city. This city and its suburbs house around 5 million people.

Chile is one country that you should visit at least once in your entire lifetime. Stretching from one end of the South American continent to the other, Chile is one of the few countries in the world where traveling from one part of the country to another would seem like traveling to a completely different country altogether. Take a trip to the Andes, for example. This majestic mountain range during the winter months may become reminiscent to European tourists of the glorious Alps back home in Europe. Heading down to the southern tip of Chile, travelers can take guided tours on the Grey Glacier. This can be the closest one can experience to being on Antarctica without even having to be there at all.

This rich diversity has greatly influenced the culture of Chile and this country is known as a land of music and dance. Chile has often been referred to as the land of the poets. Literary masters such as Pablo Neruda derived their inspiration from the diverse nature of the country as well as its rich history.

Chile prides itself to be uniquely different from its neighboring countries. Although the country is a prominent competitor in the FIFA Football League, this is not considered as its national sport. Here, it is rodeo that continues to hold a dear place in the hearts of Chileans. Commonly held in rural area, rodeo is the best way to depict the rich culture and history of this fiery country. But it has its cool spot as well, as the locals also enjoy a variety of winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing during the winter months.

Chile governs the mysterious Easter Island, which has continued to baffle the minds of modern scientists and historians to this very day.

Chile Major Cities:

  • Santiago

  • Puente Alto

  • Concepción

  • Viña del Mar

  • Temuco

  • Valparaíso

  • ...

Chile Pacific:

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