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French Guiana Country Guide


French Guiana is also known as the notorious Devil’s land in South America. This is because the French once held the political prisoners and the spies belonging to the war time era. The region lies off the Atlantic Coast between the Caribbean and the Amazon. This location gives this region a wonderful environment that is extremely rich in the flora and fauna and is home to many protected species. The political as well as the administrative organization are similar to that as the department of France.

The climate over here is characteristically tropical with warm and humid weather and temperatures hovering at 27 degree centigrade. The months from December to July experience maximum rainfall. This accounts for the tropical rainforest vegetation that covers approximately 90% of the land.

The history of French Guiana had been quite stormy. The country was attacked by the French, British and the Dutch at some or the other time. However, the French took control over it in 1817. In 1848, the inhabitants over here received French citizenship and also the right to vote.

French Guiana is an underdeveloped country that is sparingly populated. The road network can be found in the coastal areas and communication in the inland is via river or air. The main crop here is sugarcane. However, shrimps account for a main share in the export industry. The country is rich in timber, gold and bauxite mines, but this industry needs to be developed. The main port in French Guiana is Degrad des Cannes that is present at the mouth of the Mahury River.

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