Caracas, the capital of Venezuela lies in the valleys amongst the Andes Mountains and is located in the northern portion of South America. Founded as far back as 1547, the allure of the city is built on its unique location and salubrious weather. Nestled in a long valley stretching east to west this city is ringed on one side by the sheer green expanse of the Avila National Park and by the suburban settlements on the stark western hills. The slopes of the national park are forever poised like a wave about to descend on the city below. The almost perfect weather is on account of its altitude of 3000 feet above sea level, combining with its nearness to the ocean.

The Old City is famous for archbishop’s residence and the municipal council building. Nearby is the palacio de Miraflores that is the official residence of the president.

The soul of the city is epitomized by the city centre, the Plaza, Bolivar where most of the architectural and cultural are present. Quite a few of the buildings from the classical colonial era however were pulled down and replaced by modern glass and chrome high rises during the oil boom era of the 70s and the 80s. The Caracas of today is therefore in many ways a modern American city, with its fair share of cultural jewels, and typically breath taking South American, natural beauty and grandeur.

For a tourist, the itinerary would be dominated by excursions to the incredible Avila National Park from where breathtaking vistas are seen, leads to the ocean and the city of Caracas below.