When the Light Street and Pratt Street Pavilions joined to form the Harborplace in Baltimore, Maryland, it became one of the highlights of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, which opened in 1980. These are a pair of two story pavilions where every day is a festival and there's plenty to see and do while spending time at this great location on the harbor. Some of the great stores, dinners, and things to do in this marketplace include: • Shoppers will find the best buys from assorted stores that include various accessories, bath and beauty supplies, jewelry, clothing, shoes, electronic equipment, music, books, house ware items, and more specialty items than the average shopper can even remember. • Everyone get hungry (shopping and sightseeing does that), and there are some excellent places to eat such as the Cheesecake Factory, treat sea food places, Italian, Asian, Irish, even some great ice cream; and many more places that visitors could eat here every day for a month and not go to the same place twice. • There are a variety of street performers and concerts throughout the year around these pavilions that are lots of fun and enjoyable for visitors. • Several galleries and art shops are also throughout the pavilions that visitors will enjoy as well. When visitors go to the Baltimore Inner Harbor area, they have to spend some time at the Harborplace for both shopping and dining. There are plenty of great things to see an do around these pavilions.