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Baltimore Attractions

Places to visit, points of interest and top things to see in Baltimore

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One of the most notable landmarks in the country is the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, . It's one of the best waterfront developments of any harbor worldwide, and is situated at the Patapsco River's northwestern branch. This area is not just the waterfront, but it extends between President, Camden, Conway, Lombard, and Green streets.

Visitors to the Inner Harbor will find plenty of exciting places to see and things to do that include:

• One of the great places to spend the entire day is the National Aquarium that is home to more than 16,000 assorted fish and other marine wildlife.

• Sea-lovers will enjoy the a sail that is a two hour cruise of this beautiful harbor aboard a magnificent 44 foot ketch or a speed boat ride along the harbor.

• For Civil War buffs and ship lovers, be sure to take a tour of the USS Constellation, the last vessel from the Civil War that is still floating, docked at Pier 1 on the harbor... read more arrow
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When visitors arrive in Baltimore, the first stop on the agenda should be the National Aquarium. This is by far the most amazing aquarium anywhere in the world with over 16,000 creature from fish to dolphins to turtles to penguins; no one can possibly leave without being amazed at the hundreds of meetings in their incredible settings and all the creatures in this facility.

Some of the remarkable areas of the National Aquarium include the following:

• The Dolphin show has some of the most remarkable Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins that are amazing creatures.

• The Wild Extremes of Australia contain crocodiles around the pond, a lorikeet flock, lazy lizards, or flying foxes – an amazing assortment.

• The most amazing fish from Banggai Cardinalfish to Zebra Shark and everything in between are found in their hundreds of beautifully structured habitats... read more arrow
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When the Light Street and Pratt Street Pavilions joined to form the Harborplace in Baltimore, Maryland, it became one of the highlights of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, which opened in 1980. These are a pair of two story pavilions where every day is a festival and there's plenty to see and do while spending time at this great location on the harbor.

Some of the great stores, dinners, and things to do in this marketplace include:

• Shoppers will find the best buys from assorted stores that include various accessories, bath and beauty supplies, jewelry, clothing, shoes, electronic equipment, music, books, house ware items, and more specialty items than the average shopper can even remember.

• Everyone get hungry (shopping and sightseeing does that), and there are some excellent places to eat such as the Cheesecake Factory, treat sea food places, Italian, Asian, Irish, even some great ice cream; and many more places that visitors could eat here every day for a month and not go to the same place twice... read more arrow
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When the interest spans between astronomy, biology, and physics, the Maryland Science Center is one of the places in the Baltimore Inner Harbor area that the traveler absolutely has to stop and spend some time viewing their great exhibits. This excellent museum opened in 1976 and is a three story building that continues to have some fascinating hands-on exhibits that every visitor will find fascinating.

Some of the memorable exhibits in the Maryland Science Center include the these great displays:

• Budding Paleontologists will be fascinated with the Dinosaur Mysteries that include full scale dinosaur models, and guests can even participate in a mock "dig".

• Newton's Alley has some exceptional demonstrations of physician science including an "inertia table" and a "Bernoulli blower" – check it out.

• The Inside Story of the body takes people on a remarkable tour of the body.

• The Planetarium has fantastic shows of the universe and there are live presentations every day about the solar system and galaxy... read more arrow

* Regular pre-pandemic touristic activity level.

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