When the interest spans between astronomy, biology, and physics, the Maryland Science Center is one of the places in the Baltimore Inner Harbor area that the traveler absolutely has to stop and spend some time viewing their great exhibits. This excellent museum opened in 1976 and is a three story building that continues to have some fascinating hands-on exhibits that every visitor will find fascinating. Some of the memorable exhibits in the Maryland Science Center include the these great displays: • Budding Paleontologists will be fascinated with the Dinosaur Mysteries that include full scale dinosaur models, and guests can even participate in a mock 'dig'. • Newton's Alley has some exceptional demonstrations of physician science including an 'inertia table' and a 'Bernoulli blower' – check it out. • The Inside Story of the body takes people on a remarkable tour of the body. • The Planetarium has fantastic shows of the universe and there are live presentations every day about the solar system and galaxy. • An exhibit dedicated to Maryland's aquatic life features the famous Blue Crab as well as other creatures that specifically inhabit the Chesapeake Bay. • Live science demonstrations are presented everyday on topics from combustion reactions, chemical reactions, static electricity, and many other interesting topics. • There's even a special room for kids age eight and younger that has a variety of activities each day for the kiddos. The Maryland Science Center is a great place for guests to spend the day and learn something new.