When visitors arrive in Baltimore, the first stop on the agenda should be the National Aquarium. This is by far the most amazing aquarium anywhere in the world with over 16,000 creature from fish to dolphins to turtles to penguins; no one can possibly leave without being amazed at the hundreds of meetings in their incredible settings and all the creatures in this facility. Some of the remarkable areas of the National Aquarium include the following: • The Dolphin show has some of the most remarkable Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins that are amazing creatures. • The Wild Extremes of Australia contain crocodiles around the pond, a lorikeet flock, lazy lizards, or flying foxes – an amazing assortment. • The most amazing fish from Banggai Cardinalfish to Zebra Shark and everything in between are found in their hundreds of beautifully structured habitats. • Even the bird get in the act at this aquarium and visitors can find many species from the Atlantic Puffin birds to the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot. • Reptile lovers will find a large variety of turtles and tortoises, alligators, caiman, and gavials among other amphibians including frogs, toads, and salamanders. • For visitors who want a real memory of their journey to this aquarium, be sure to go on the Immersion tour on a dive beneath the surface from a great 'inside' view that has many surprises. When looking for something to do in Baltimore, one of the absolute 'must-see' places to spend the day is the National Aquarium.