Rye Harbor is a town situated in the Rockingham County which is in the state of New Hampshire. Originally the town was part of Portsmouth known as Sandy Beach. It was incorporated in 1726. Some of its islands known as the Isles of Shoals lie in the Atlantic Ocean about 10 miles off the Rye Harbor coast. The Isles of Shoals were popular fishing stations prior to settlements in the New England area. The town has a scenic coastline spanning 8 miles and is home to the Rye Harbor State Park. With a population of about 5200, the town is relatively small occupying an area of 35.5 square miles of which about 64% is marsh. In 1874 Rye became a receiving station for the first transatlantic cable. The Rye Harbor town was a summer resort of high repute during the Victorian era but currently it is largely a residential town. The Rye Harbor State Park offers salt-water fishing activities, scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean and Rye Harbor and picnicking. The park is open during the summer months from May to October. Visitors to Rye Harbor can enjoy walks on the beaches, tide watching, whale watching, nature trails and fishing. Exploration is best done by biking or walking as taxi services in the town are quite limited. The closest airport to Rye Harbor is Pease International Tradeport Airport which is located 6 miles from Rye.