Put the walking shoes on, and enjoy one of the most spectacular walkways, the Cliff Walk, in Newport, Rhode Island. This three and a half mile walk along the shore and cliffs is spectacular and is identified as a National Recreational Trail. This trail starts at Bailey's Beach and continues past Bellevue Avenue all the way down to First Beach. For visitors to the Newport area, take a journey along the Cliff Walk to see some of these magnificent sites: - Hikers and strollers can get a great view of some of the most famous 'summer cottages' such as the Astor's Beechwood, the Belcourt Castle, the Marble House and many more along the shores. - Photographers will enjoy the opportunity to take some spectacular pictures of the beautiful winding paths, the cliffs, and the great vistas along the way. - Nature lovers will enjoy the local deer and other wild life that can be seen along the trail. - Some areas along the walk are popular with the local fishermen, and the locals can tell visitors some of the best places along the walk to display their fishing skills and try their luck at hooking 'the big one'. - Beach lovers will enjoy Bailey's Beach or find a great spot for a picnic at First Beach before continuing the journey along the shores and the cliffs. Visitors to the Providence, Rhode Island, area will enjoy the magnificent Cliff Walk walkway with it spectacular vistas and great views along the way.