Tennis lovers will be delighted when they arrive in Newport, Rhode Island, because it's the home of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Its primary purpose is to pay tribute to the greatest players of this excellent sport, and, a historical note, the complex was actually built in 1880 by James Bennett and the Hall of Fame was founded in 1954. The complex is known as the Newport Casino. The first championship game was actually held in this facility in 1881, and many tournaments have been played on these beautiful grounds. There are a number of places of interesting in this International Tennis Hall of Fame that includes the following: - One of the most interesting areas in the complex is the museum, which contains over 13,000 square feet of exhibition area that includes photographs, recordings trophies, and other memorabilia of this very popular sport. - Reserve time the best grass tennis courts in the county, of if the weather is not cooperating, there an excellent indoor court where visitors can display their lobs and backhands. - For those lucky enough to be traveling to New England the first week of July, 2011, the Campbell's Championships are being played on the grass court featuring the best players from around the world to compete for the Van Alen Cup. Whether the favorite player is Henry Slocum in 1955 or others through the years to the newest inductees in 2010; learn about the greatest players at the International Tennis Hall of Fame.