For the tourists who love the water and want to spend time on one of the most beautiful lakes in New England, Lake Champlain borders New York and Vermont, is located in the magnificent Champlain Valley, and is one of the best recreational areas in Adirondack Park. Plattsburgh, New York, borders the lake to the western side, and Burlington, Vermont, is a lovely town on the eastern side of the lake, both offering great shopping and dining opportunities. This lake is ved by a number of rivers in both Vermont and New York as well as from the La Chute River which flows out of Lake George. There are many activities for the entire family at Lake Champlain, and includes some of these great choices: - Of course the most popular activity is looking for Champy, the famous lake monster that supposedly resides in this lake – so keep an eye out for Nessy's first cousin because more than 300 sightings have been reported, and there's always the possibility of getting the first real live photograph or video. - Fishermen will have a great time fishing for Atlantic Salmon in this beautiful lake, along with trout, pike, and bass. - Taking the ferry across for the day at Burlington can be a great excursion, along with some wonderful dining and shopping in the harbor area of Burlington. - Boaters will enjoy renting a kayak or a canoe for the day and paddling around. There are plenty of activities around Lake Champlain.