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Great Pyramids of Egypt
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The great pyramids of Giza are the most famous pyramids in the world and its site attracts millions of tourists every year. They offer a mix of ancient history and grandeur that is unparalleled on earth. Some of these constructions date back as far as around 3,000 B.C. The Giza pyramids plateau, which is also home to the prestigious Sphinx, is a protected World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Why they were built

The entire pyramids complex was meant to be a fabulous cemetery for ancient Egyptian royalty and pharaohs. Pyramids were funeral monuments that pharaohs commissioned to honor their memory. Many other tombs made for royal family members surround the pyramids in different areas.

How they were built

The largest pyramids are made of millions of human-carved stone blocks which is fascinating considering the tools and means of that era. The pyramids were all precisely positioned and aligned so that every side exactly face the earth’s basic coordinates (North, East, South, and West) at a 90-degree angle... read more arrow

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