Baguio City is a city perched in the mountainous region of tne northern Luzon region in the Philippines. It rises above the pastoral charms of rural living with its carefree tranquility. Embraced by the luxuriant greenery, breath taking mountain panorama, and hundred year old pine trees, Baguio City is an enchanting haven for all those who seek serenity away from the fast-paced urban living.

Baguio City is popular for being the perfect place to be during those scorching summer days. Splendidly located at approximately 5100 feet altitude, the city is a very conducive habitat for orchids, mossy plants and pine trees thus also acquiring its name as the “City of Pines”.

Summertime is just around the corner and if you want to chill out and relax a bit from your busy schedule and the metro life then Baguio is the perfect place for you. Pack your back packs and get ready for a summertime hike.

Baguio City Attractions
Baguio City has been a favorite vacation destination for both foreign and local visitors. Aside from the refreshing and cool climate, Baguio City takes pride in the different landmarks and postcard worthy scenic spots that you can explore. Among the notable and interesting Baguio “must see” attractions are Burnham Park with its well-known man made lake; Asin Hot Springs which is a kind of surprise getaway that you can find in the country’s coldest place; Mines View Park with its spectacular view of the Cordillera mountain ranges; the Mansion House which is the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines; Camp John Hay and Session Road or the City Market where you can buy Baguio goodies.

Baguio City Nightlife
If you are a party animal and thrives in the nightlife then you won’t be disappointed because Baguio City also offers a unique and exciting trademark that spells out fun and party. Baguio bids an exciting nightlife with its many night clubs, pubs and hangouts such as Lourdes Palace which offers a cowboy's paradise atmosphere, Alberto's Music Lounge which is known as a student’s hangout, Padi’s Point, Ayuyang which is known for its trademark reggae music, and Gimbal’s if you are after rocking weekend gimmick. Other night gimmicks that you can enjoy include night boating in Burnham Park, open air concerts as well as some leisurely stroll and shopping along the stalls in Session Road. Session Road is the Nightlife Alley in Baguio City. It comes alive at sundown with lively music and jovial spirits.

Baguio City Activities
The most awaited activity in Baguio every year is the much celebrated Panagbenga Festival. One will really appreciate Baguio in its entirety upon experiencing the Flower Festival. Celebrated in February each year, Pagnagbenga showcases how colorful and fun Baguio is. This festival never failed to render people dumbstruck by the shear beauty and creativity showcased in the floral floats that are shaped and blended to appeal to the human senses. The Panagbenga Festival is one spectacular event in Baguio that tourists, both foreign and local, wouldn’t want to miss.

So if you are after a relaxing getaway that will rejuvenate you and purge the hassles and bustles of Metro life, then Baguio is heaven here on earth for you.