Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park is located approximately 50 km north of Puerto Princesa, in the province of Palawan in the Philippines, in the St. Paul mountain range on the northern coast of the island.

The park has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since December 4, 19991, and was also classified as a Ramsar site since June 30, 2012.

To the north lies St. Paul Bay, to the east the Babuyan River.

The underground river

The entrance to the underground river is a short hike from the village of Sabang in the municipality of Cabayugan. The cave's river entrance is a mountainous limestone karst landscape.

The main underground cavity is more than 24 kilometers long. The river itself is 8.2 kilometers long (probably the longest in the world), flowing through a cave before flowing into the South China Sea. There are many stalactites and stalagmites in several large rooms. The tides influence the last kilometers.

Park Conservation Management

The city of Puerto Princesa is in charge of the park since 1992.