The Chocolate Hills is a group of cone shaped hills- perfectly cone shaped hills- that is located in Bohol, Philippines. This geological formation is highly unusual as the sizes of each hill are almost the same.

The hills are all covered in green grass and during the dry season the grass turns brown. This brown color is responsible for the name Chocolate Hills. There is not enough rain in Bohol during the dry season so the grasses dry up.

Looking from above, the hills, which look like hundreds of chocolate kisses lain on the ground, appear to have been made almost symmetrical by man on purpose. People who would see the Chocolate Hills for the first time would find it unbelievable that the hills are actually natural formations.

Aside from grass, the hills also grow sugar cane, flowers and ferns. The flat lands in between the hills are cultivated and used to grow rice and other crops. The Chocolate Hills are actually mounds of limestone that are covered in grass and the other above mentioned plant life.

The History of the Chocolate Hills

Experts have a few assumptions of the origin and history of the formation of the magnificent hills, which is considered one of the National Monuments of the Philippines. Some of the theories included the uplift of the sea floor, sub-oceanic volcanic activity, and the simple weathering of limestone. Many geologists have argued about the origin of the Chocolate Hills.

What it says on plaques displayed all around Carmen, Bohol's viewing deck is that the hills are a result of a geologic uplift hundreds of years ago where coral reefs have erupted from the see. From the coral deposits, with the help of wind, rain water and erosion, were formed the Chocolate Hills thousands of years after.

Chocolate Hills Attractions

Although Bohol eventually became popular to tourists for its white sand beaches, it was the Chocolate Hills that is known all over the world. A great area for viewing the hills, if not on an aircraft over the vicinity, will be in the Carmen viewing deck.

At present, two of over 1,200 hills have been turned into resorts, allowing visitors, Filipinos and foreigners alike, to experience and enjoy life in the hills first hand and not just look at the hills from a distance. One of the resorts is the Chocolate Hills Complex, which not only has a hostel and restaurant but also a swimming pool and a viewing deck that rises about 210 ft. above ground. The viewing deck is set on the highest of the hills in Carmen so you get a 360 degrees viewing angle for all of the hills.

The other resort is the Sagbayan Peak, which not only offers a view of the Chocolate Hills but also of the blue sea that separates Cebu and Bohol. The resort, which also has a restaurant and swimming pool, the peak has a children's park and will soon include a tarsier sanctuary, butterfly dome and a golf course and driving range.2