Cebu City is the capital of the lovely island of Cebu, Philippines. The city provides a balance of a competitive, entrepreneurial culture and relaxing natural recreational wonders.

Cebu Attractions
Most of the attractions in this city are its religious tourist attractions. When Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines, his fleet landed in Cebu. This is the place where the Spaniards first communicated with native Filipinos and this is where they began to impart their first contributions to the Philippine’s present culture.

Magellan’s Cross is the Christian cross that Magellan ordered to be planted when they first arrived in 1521. This cross is one of the most visited spots in the city of Cebu. Beside the cross is the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, a church built in the site where an image of the Santo Niño, considered the Philippine’s oldest religious relic, was found unscathed in the ruins of a village burnt by the Spanish.

Aside from its religious attractions, Cebu also offers various beautiful sites definitely worth visiting when you come to the city. Cebu is home to the Hundred Islands National Park, a chain of some 123 beautiful virgin islands that has shows absolutely no sign of smog or any pollutant you will find in other cities. People will certainly be thrilled and their experience with the islands’ natural delights will not be one that is easy to forget.

Cebu Activities
Even when visitors are done visiting the religious sites and attractions of this historical city, there are still more places for them to visit and enjoy.

The Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary is the only butterfly refuge in the Philippines and is located in Cebu City. Outdoor sports lovers may enjoy the Philippines’ first golf course in this city by visiting Cebu Country Club.

Museums will also catch tourist attention as the city has specialty museums such as the Casa Gorordo Museum that showcases local life during the 1800’s and the Rizaliana Museum dedicated to the national hero Jose Rizal.

Nightlife in Cebu
Cebu City is filled with nightclubs, karaoke bars, restaurants and other establishments waiting for the city’s visitors who do not like going to bed early. NASA and Sunflower City are two giant clubs in the city people can go to for a fun party. The establishments have dance floors and a stage, as live bands also usually perform there. P.U.M.P. also a spot kept alive by its funky DJs.

For the less partying type of guests, Cebu also has restaurants/ bars where they can dine and enjoy mild music with perfect ambiance. Food served in Cebu restaurants are not caged to local and ethnic delicacies, although it is advisable that you try them, but the city also offers the usual pizza and beer combinations. One thing is guaranteed- the food is good and will definitely be one of the things you will remember from your trip to Cebu.

Coming home from this wonderful city, visitors are promised a special and memorable experience of learning, sight seeing and meeting wonderful Cebuano friends.