In Ullungdo Island, South Korea, wonder and beauty await. Here, you can get plenty of sun, sea, sumptuous food, and beautiful scenery for you to feast on and enjoy. It is one great place to relax with family and friends. Because of its picturesque scenery, Ullungdo Island is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.The island is blessed with unique topographical features due to violent volcano eruptions and spans 73 kilometers. These are lined with high cliffs that make you feel you are between the awesome sea and equally awesome cliffs. This gorgeous South Korean island is to be found in the east of the East Sea, around 120 kilometers east of the Korean Peninsula. The first stop is Dodong Harbor, the main ferry port between the Korean mainland and Ullungdo Island. Dodong Harbor is unique since it looks like a village nestled securely in the mountains. Then you are off to visit the island's highlights, such as the Taeha lighthouse and the Nari Basin. The Taeha Lighthouse provides fabulous views from its observation point. You can also try to make it to this place before dawn to catch the breathtaking sunrise. Alternatively, you can also visit the Haengnam lighthouse at night, when the clear night sky is a lovely sight. Meanwhile, the Nari Basin is a crater that can be found in the island's center. It resulted from a volcanic eruption and is one of the two naturally-formed craters. Climb up to Seonginbong, which is the highest peak on the island, or take a dip at the Bongnae waterfall. From Seonginbong, you will be able to see the second crater on the island.Ullungdo, with its waters and cliffs, is a great place to do some hiking, fishing, scuba diving, or snorkeling. A word of warning, though. Scuba diving or snorkeling in Ullungdo Island's waters is not for the faint of heart, nor beginners. But when you get under the waters, the views below are definitely worth the trouble. Also, have your fill of fish, particularly the cuttlefish (which is another of the island's claim to fame).You can choose to tour the island by way of a bus tour (several bus tour companies are operating in the area. Most of the tour will start from Dodong and cover visits to a volcanic crater and highlight about half of the island). You can also opt for a ferry cruise or a taxi tour (where the schedules are more flexible). Sightseeing by boat will take you to several fascinating sights along the coast, particularly the island of Jukdo and the many rock formations that will surely enthrall you with their rugged beauty. If you are keen on driving and think you can manage the winding roads, you can also choose to rent a car and tour the island with your friends. Be sure to stop by the tourist information center. You can get some help deciding on what to do, where to go and where to stay during your trip to Ullungdo Island.