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In Ullungdo Island, South Korea, wonder and beauty awaits. Here, you can get plenty of sun, sea, sumptuous food and beautiful scenery for you to feast on and enjoy read more arrow
The Seoul Festival of Lights, organized by The Seoul foundation for Arts and Culture, is the biggest winter festival in Seoul, South Korea. Title: 2009 Seoul Festival of Lights Theme: De:Light of Seoul Slogan: "Seoul, Delightful City" Period: 12 read more arrow
The HI SEOUL FESTIVAL is a global city festival where you can experience the true colors of Seoul, one of the most attractive city in the world. Hi Seoul Festival 2010 will invite the World with motion, bringing Spring read more arrow
Nandaemun (or Sungnyemun) is a prime example of the old majestically mixing with the new and the modern. Amidst the hustle and bustle of traffic and the skyscrapers that seem to sprout in the area, it is a refreshing reminder of Korea's glorious past read more arrow
No matter where you are in Seoul, look to the horizon and you will be sure to find the Seoul Tower. This landmark stands at the top of Mt read more arrow
Gyeryongsan (or Kyeryongsan) National Park is a favorite tourist destination in South Korea. And indeed, the park is chockfull of attractions that has something for everybody – a wide variety of flora and fauna for nature lovers, 15 peaks for avid mountain climbers and hikers, temples and ruins for the culture vulture, plus a calm and tranquil atmosphere for those who want to get away from the hubbub of city life read more arrow
The Changdokkung Palace (or Palace of of Prospering Virtue in English) in Seoul, South Korea, enthralls with its secret garden and magnificent architecture of the Joseon Dynasty. For over 250 years, it served as the seat of the royal regime and has largely preserved its architectural style read more arrow
Gyeongbokgung / Kyongbokkung Palace (Heavenly Blessed Palace) in Seoul, South Korea, is among the Five Grand Palaces that was built during the Joseon Dynasty. It is also the dynasty's largest palace, and probably the most beautiful read more arrow
Standing proudly at a busy intersection in downtown Seoul is Deoksugung (Toksukung) Palace. It is known for its stately stone-wall road read more arrow
Straddling the border between South and North Korea is the "truce village" – Panmunjom. It is a relatively small village, only 800 meters in diameter read more arrow
The Jongmyo (or Chongmyo) in Seoul, South Korea, is a royal shrine dedicated to the ancestors of the Choson dynasty, starting from King Taejo (who founded the Joseon dynasty). Among Confucian shrines, this is the most authentic and also the oldest read more arrow
The Geumjeongsanseong(or Geungjeong or Kumjongsansong) Mountain Fortress is all about size and the spirit of patriotism. Located south of Beomeosa, on Mt read more arrow
Find serenity in Beomeosa (also Pomosa) Temple (Mt. Kumjong, Busan) read more arrow
Delve deeper into Korean culture by visiting Gyeongju and its Cheomseongdae Observatory. Gyeongju, South Korea, used to be the capital of Silla (an ancient kingdom that existed from 57 B read more arrow

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