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N Seoul Tower
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N Seoul Tower

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No matter where you are in Seoul, look to the horizon and you will be sure to find the Seoul Tower. This landmark stands at the top of Mt. Namsan. This broadcasting tower is 370 meters tall (above sea level) and was erected in 1969. The digital observatory features cutting edge digital equipment such as a high powered telescope. There is also an analogue observatory in the lower floor. Its formal name is 'YTN Seoul Tower' but it is usually called the N Seoul Tower. N, they say, stands for 'new'.

It was only opened to the public in 1980, when it began to gain popularity as a tourist attraction. This is because it gives you great views of the city from its observation deck. When the weather is clear, you can see how the bustling city looks like in its totality. Particularly memorable is the sight of Seoul at night. In addition, you can also visit the exhibition halls that are in the Seoul Tower complex. The exhibits include photographs of the city during the olden days, similar towers located in different parts of the world, and local birds. There is also a exhibit revolving around the theme of children's stories and fairy tales.

What's more, the tower also has some interesting attractions and creature comforts. Be sure to dine at the N Grill. This western-style restaurant provides a 360 view of the city, since it makes a complete turn every 48 minutes. There is also the Global Village Folk Museum which showcases handicrafts from around the globe. You can also get to listen to life-sized robots playing a musical band at the World Musical and Animal Land. There are also movie halls, gift shops, snack bars and performances.

A staircase within the N Seoul Tower.
A staircase within the N Seoul Tower. [CC] credit.

The tower was remodeled for a whopping 15 billion won. The construction includes a new lighting system, which adds to the tower's charm by providing an exhibition of sorts by way of 6 different searchlights that move at different angles. This is based on the theme, the Flower of Seoul'. This display happens from 7 in the evening until midnight.

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The Seoul Tower is located at Yongsan-dong 2. You can reach it via cable car from the station below up to the mountain. You can also hike to the base. You can also take a taxi from Insa Dong then down to the cable car station.

An admission fee is collected in order to enter the observation deck. The observatory is open from 9 in the morning to 1:30 in the morning. Other facilities open at 9 in the morning and close at 10 in the evening. A note for you to remember when planning to go up the observation deck: beside the elevator is a scanner. Be sure to run your ticket by this so that you can have a reservation number for the elevator.

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