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South Korea Country Guide


The country of South Korea is a peninsula that is located in the eastern part of Asia and in between both the East Sea and the Yellow Sea. South Korea and its neighboring communist North Korea were once a united country. In 1948, South Korea separated itself from North Korea and established itself as a country of its own. Two years later, North Korea invaded South Korea and caused the economy of South Korea to plummet among other things.

Today, South Korea is one of the major technological hubs in the world and recognized as one of the most successful of the Pacific Rim “tiger” economies in Asia. Its economy is primarily driven by trade as South Korea is of the producers of cars and electronics which are exported to Japan, China and the United States.

Despite this being the case, travelers visiting South Korea would be amazed that majority of the country is still farmland, particularly in the western and southern regions of the country. Two thirds of the entire country is still covered by lush green forests. The effort made by the locals to preserve their environment has led to the country having some of the most beautiful national parks in this side of the world. The breathtaking landscape offered by these parks, especially during the autumn has made these parks one of the top places for travelers to visit while in South Korea.

Spring is also another ideal time for you to visit this beautiful country. The Spring Festival celebrated in the country is a burst of colors as the entire country welcomes the new season with the blossoming of the cherry and apricot flowers. Travelers visiting South Korea during this time are able to sample more than just kimchi in the numerous food festivals that are held alongside with the Spring Festival. The beautiful landscape makes discovering South Korea so much more memorable.

South Koreans take pride in their rich cultural heritage. Even to this day, South Koreans still wear their national costume called the “hanbok” during special occasions. Made out of silk, the costume is still worn particularly by women during weddings, festivals, conventions and other formal and special occasions. One of the prime tourist attractions here in South Korea is the Jongmyo Shrine. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the shrine was built in dedication to the royals that had once ruled this magnificent country. It was built back in the year 1394 by the Joseon dynasty. It was destroyed in the 1500s during the Japanese invasion but was rebuilt to its former glory in 1608.

In spite of its close connections with the United States and other neighboring countries, South Koreans still hold steadfast to their traditional family roles and values. The family is still considered as the most important pillar of South Korean society. Women still continue to practice the traditional role of being a housewife after they are married since South Korean culture finds it unbecoming for a woman to continue on working after she is married.

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