The HI SEOUL FESTIVAL is a global city festival where you can experience the true colors of Seoul, one of the most attractive city in the world. Hi Seoul Festival 2010 will invite the World with motion, bringing Spring. It begins on the 1st of May down by the Han River basin (main stage), and will spread to the entire metropolitan area of Seoul until the 9th of May.
Every street in Seoul is connected to the festival, with the Han River being the central spot. This year's theme is 'Physical Theatre' which is used to describe any kind of performance that pursues storytelling or drama through primarily and secondarily physical acting/motion. Therefore, the program of the Hi Seoul Festival 2010 will be comprised of 80 domestic and foreign prominent physical theatre troupes, and over 200 performances such as artistic fireworks, big-scale parades and much more. It is better to experience it once, than to hear about it a hundred times. Come and check out our Hi Seoul Festival, 2010, which will be a spectacular event taking place in Seoul during the month of May.
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Duration: 9days. From May 1st (Sat) to May 9th (Sun), 2010
Venue: The whole area of Seoul with the Han River as the center
Theme: Physical Theatre (non-verbal performance)
Main Programs: Artistic fireworks, Village of big-top Theatres,
World-famous parades etc.
Sub Programs: Farm Experience in the city, Picnic on the bridge,
Tossing coins for love etc.
Related Events: Seoul Spring Festival of Chamber music, Global village
History of the HI SEOUL FESTIVALInitiated in 2003 to sustain the festive mood of the previous year that swept the entire country during the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan, commonly termed as the 'red fever', the HI SEOUL FESTIVAL has since become Seoul's most representative festival, adding various cultural elements to the festive atmosphere that prompted eager participation from ten million Seoul citizens and mesmerized international tourists who were visiting the city during the period. Approximately 1.45 million people including 180,000-strong foreign visitors witnessed and participated in the festival held in spring 2008.