The Seoul Festival of Lights, organized by The Seoul foundation for Arts and Culture, is the biggest winter festival in Seoul, South Korea. Title: 2009 Seoul Festival of Lights
Theme: De:Light of Seoul
Slogan: 'Seoul, Delightful City'
Period: 12. 19(Sat)2009 ~1. 24(Sun)2010, 37days
Venue: Gwanghwamun Square
Organization: Seoul Metropolitan Government/ Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Events: Exbibition of Nam June Paik's 'Fractal Turtleship', Large-scale Media Facade and Interactive Media Experience
Details: Site-specific programs that represent the history and significance of Gwanghwamun Square and neighboring major buildings(Storytelling of five-theme zones: History/Culture/Communication/Creation/Repose)
'Seoul, Delightful City' In December 2009, Gwanghwamun Square transforms itself into the 'Square of Lights'. The '2009 Seoul Festival of Lights' will be much more than just the artistic shaping of sparkling lights; it will be a jubilee bringing media art - the convergence of culture and technology - closer to our daily surroundings. The festival consists of five themes of light: representing the symbolic significance of Gwanghwamun as the heart of Seoul's 600 year history and as the center of Korea; shows our cultural archetype; projects the present Seoul communicating via creativity and culture. imparts hopes for tomorrow through creation of new light that incorporates history, culture and communication. Lastly, emanates rest and composure for the season's greetings. The city of Seoul invites you to the fantastic world of lights.