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Top 2 Attractions in Busan

Popular Busan landmarks and tourist spots

  • The Geumjeongsanseong(or Geungjeong or Kumjongsansong) Mountain Fortress is all about size and the spirit of patriotism. Located south of Beomeosa, on Mt. Geumjeongsan in Busan, it stands as a symbol of the glory of Korea. If it is hiking and nature tripping you like, coupled with some history and culture, Mt. Geumjeongsan is the place to visit.

    As for the Kumjongsansong Fortress, this sits along the upper plateaus and the ridgeline of the mountain and overlooks the village below ...

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  • Find serenity in Beomeosa (also Pomosa) Temple (Mt. Kumjong, Busan). In spite of tourists and worshippers milling about the temple, you can still feel a sense of tranquility in the midst of the hubbub. Its name means the "Temple of the Fish from Nirvana". The temple, which is one of South Korea's five oldest temples, is a tapestry that will delight your senses ...

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