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The Geumjeongsanseong(or Geungjeong or Kumjongsansong) Mountain Fortress is all about size and the spirit of patriotism. Located south of Beomeosa, on Mt. Geumjeongsan in Busan, it stands as a symbol of the glory of Korea. If it is hiking and nature tripping you like, coupled with some history and culture, Mt. Geumjeongsan is the place to visit.

As for the Kumjongsansong Fortress, this sits along the upper plateaus and the ridgeline of the mountain and overlooks the village below. It is perched on its location because it was designated to watch out for coastal attacks. Designated as National Cultural Asset No. 215, the Fortress is the largest walled fortress of its kind in Korea. Its role in the history of Korea is also the reason for its accreditation as a national historic site.

This walled fortress is made of natural stones, with the weaker parts strengthened by stone blocks hewn into square shapes... read more arrow
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Find serenity in Beomeosa (also Pomosa) Temple (Mt. Kumjong, Busan). In spite of tourists and worshippers milling about the temple, you can still feel a sense of tranquility in the midst of the hubbub. Its name means the "Temple of the Fish from Nirvana". The temple, which is one of South Korea's five oldest temples, is a tapestry that will delight your senses. You can marvel at the artistry of the pagoda paintings, the architectural delights provided by the pagodas and temple hall and the lush forests that surround the temple. There is also the delightful smell of incense wafting about the temple. Its symbolism stimulates your imagination.

According to records, the temple was founded by Master Uisang during the reign of Shilla King Munmu. The monk Uisang is recognized to have built ten great Havom temples including the Beomeosa Temple... read more arrow

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