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1898 The Post Hotel Ghent
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1898 The Post Hotel Ghent

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A new hotel in the northern city of Ghent has opened in a very unique location. 1898 The Post has taken the post office building in the heart of the city literally, making it easily accessible for guests to all local attractions by a walking distance.

Site features

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The hotel offers 37 rooms, which are located on the last two floors in the building. Interestingly, the rooms are named after their size: 200 square feet room is called "Stamp room", while 300-370 square feet are called "Letter rooms". The best room is certainly the 700 square foot room called "Loft", which has a 360' view over the city of Ghent.
Rooms come with a very high ceiling, making the room look twice bigger than it is.

Bathrooms are furnished with marble floors, colors in rooms and corridors dominate in green color with plenty of unique antique furniture. Windows and floors remained the same so that guests can feel the authenticity and the old spirit.

The hotel offers a bar called "The Cobbler", where people can enjoy drinks, but the bar is mostly popular for its unique cocktails. The Kitchen has an open fireplace so you can warm up and enjoy delicious food there or in the afternoon cup of tea.

From facilities, besides the bar and the restaurant, the hotel has to offer a game room for guests and a beautiful garden where you can enjoy the weather outside.

Visiting information and tips

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Rate per night: From 154 euro.

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