Paris, France, – the City of Light – has a romance and allure that never fails to bring back a tourist. It requires a lifetime to know Paris but just a visit to fall in love with this city. As Ernest Hemingway said, “Paris is a moveable feast”. Paris is located in a bowl shaped depression that is known as the Paris Basin. Seine River that flows from east to west bisects the city into two. Most of the residents of Paris reside in Ile de France where almost 20% of the population thrives. There are a few landmarks in Paris that visitors should not fail to visit. One of them is the Eiffel Tower. About 320 meters high, the Tower provides a panoramic view of Paris city. The other famous destination for the artsy types is the Louvre, the museum that houses some of the finest pieces of art and sculpture, including the Mona Lisa. Next on the list is the Sacre Coeur Basilica, located at the top of Montmartre Hill. The streets leading to the church is full of road side artists and cozy bistros. Another church worth visiting is the Notre Dame de Paris, considered to be one of the best examples of Gothic architecture. It is the “cathedra” or official chair of the Archbishop of Paris. For couples, a boat ride in the Seine could do wonders – most of them starting and ending near Pont Neuf. Paris has a good metro system and can be used to get to most places. It is best to visit the city during spring or fall.